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Who's Behind Go Go Calabria?

If you read this blog or follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you might wonder...who exactly is having all these awesome adventures in Calabria?

We are Dora and Su, and we'd love to get to know you!

An American in Calabria

Su traded a fabulous life in San Diego, California, for a life in rural Calabria. She's a writer by trade and a traveler by passion.

After arriving in Calabria, Su was amazed at how fantastic Calabria was. After all, Americans flocked to the bigger cities like Rome and Florence, or regions like why weren't they coming to Calabria? She made it her mission to start writing about her experiences in Calabria so others would fall in love with it, too.

She writes here, of course (hiiii) but also on her expat coaching website (she helps women move to Italy. hint, hint!)

A Passionate Calabrian

Dora was born and raised in Calabria. After spending 20 years in Philadelphia, she returned to her homeland.

If there's anyone in Italy who knows everyone, it's Dora. When Su met Dora, she was amazed at her connections. Going to Serrastretta? Dora's got a connection. Want to go hiking in Calabria? Dora knows the best spots.

A Beautiful Friendship

As Dora and Su began exploring Calabria together, they realized they could help others do the same. And so Go Go Calabria was born.

Our mission is to introduce you to authentic Calabria. Yes, Tropea is beautiful, but it's where everyone goes. If you want to meet the women who still do telaio or attend a religious procession that's been happening for hundreds of years, we can help.

We create custom itineraries based on your interests. Whether that's wine tasting, cooking classes, art, history, or nature, we know EVERYONE you need to meet! If you've got questions about what to see in Calabria, send us a message!


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