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About Us

Ciao Ya'll. I'm Su.

In 2022, I left behind a fabulous life in San Diego, California. My son had graduated high school and moved to Florida for university, and I was ready for a (ahem) small change in my life.

Fast-forward to today. I am living just steps away from the Ionian Sea in Italy. I buy my fruits and veggies at the weekly market, have aperitivi with friends, love riding on the back of my Italian boyfriend's Vespa like I'm in my own rom com, and am always up for stopping midday for a caffe and a chat.

I chose Calabria because, in many ways, it is the underdog of Italy. Most tourists know Rome, Venice, Tuscany...but few visitors wander this far south.

They're missing out.

Calabria is absolutely gorgeous, less crowded than the more touristy parts of Italy, and remarkably affordable. There are no long lines to see ancient ruins, and you'll have food that will simply blow your mind.

Su Guillory

Ciao a tutti!

I'm Dora. I was raised in Calabria and grew up immersed in the traditions of my land. After spending 20 years in Philadelphia, I returned to my homeland where I now own a restaurant with my husband, Trattoria dal Maestro in Soverato.

In addition to creating apparel and purses out of recycled materials, I am passionate about introducing my Calabria and all its magical secrets to visitors.

It's our hope that you discover some of these gems with us.


Dora Paparo

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